I am naturally designed to love more unconditionally, understand better, appreciate people and things more, respect and honour people, be fairer, do what I really love  that gives intrinsic reward than the extrinsic reward, be fearless, be strong, be bold, be wise, give, be hardworking, be truthful, be friendly without fear, trust and believe the best of people and neglect their weaknesses but all I see doing is the opposite.

What is really wrong? Is it because of my past, the way I was maltreated, the way I was unloved, the way I was misunderstood, the way I was neglected and thrown stones at that is trailing me to a dead end of nagging, depression, bitterness, timidity, anxiety, worry, laziness, hatred, settling for the least, can’t love without any string attached or benefit, stingy, selfish, fearful. Of course, we blame these and that for masking the ideal us.

Consider this, what has it profit you giving back some of these garbages? Who suffered the guilt of these most? Who lost sleep, appetite and peace showing the negative traits? Remember, you have the whole commendation or blame for either your success or your failure, there is no excuse for ignorance or abscond knowledge.

Dear reader, open your eyes and heart, see the beauty in everything and people, love with all your heart, appreciate with sincerity and be truthful. Unmask the ideal you and enjoy a better life. What you give life is what it will give you in return.


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