Girls face discrimination and abuse simply for being female and young. Girls and young women in some part of Nigeria, are often denied their right to education, freedom of speech, right to engage actively and equally in the society, to take important decision about their future and bodies, to be given justice and equal opportunities and protection from gender based violence.

I believe that gender equality is central to achieving long-term change in our  country, Nigeria, where many women most times suffer segregation, discrimination and marginalization. I have a vision to see a world that values girls, promotes their rights and ends injustice. All girls have the right to equality, safe education and access to lifelong learning. In Nigeria, an educated girl is more likely to marry later and have fewer, healthier children. She has a better chance of staying healthy herself. All girls and young women have the right to take part fully in the political life of the community and country. The government of our dear country Nigeria should support and empower young female Leaders to drive social, economic and political change. All girls have the right to decide if and when to marry or start a family. Ensuring girls are able to make decision about their future is fundamental to achieving gender equality. No girl or young woman should be forced to marry anyone against her will or choice simply because she is a girl. Girls have the right to reach their full potential, to realise their personal ambitions. To do this, the government of our dear country must ensure that girls live free from violence and discrimination and must be given equal economic opportunities.



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