Pursuits of life are in categories and order of preference. Some things we run after are things that are meant to run after us while things we don’t run after try to catch up with us but we are far ahead of them. Using time is not tantamount to spending time. Do you run after riches, fame, praises, recognition, material things rather than pursuing exploration,replenishing, valuables, healthy life,healthy relationship, love e.t.c.

Ponder on this. ‘Since your existence on earth,what have you given back to the nature you consume daily, the people that matters to you, the environment that shelters you and the body that bears YOU’.

Are you a consumer or a producer??? Consuming nature,consuming time,consuming resources,consuming people and never have anything valuable to give back???

The dead sea stinks because it only receives.

Don’t be a dead living being.

Your country needs you,your people needs you, your environment needs you and you finally need yourself.


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