A true life story will enhance a better understanding of how great it is to journey through life with your manual.

Enoch and his friend were opportuned to partake in a contest for an award winning project. Obviously, most contestant were the brilliant ones which has made it to the final quest. But the last conquest was a drill. They were to run 12 miles within one hour and do a two hundred press-ups within few minutes.

Fortunately for these two,they met a fellow who had gone through this drilling but failed and told them all they are required to accomplish. These guys started practicing on a daily basis, running miles and press- uping. The final day came and everyone were agitating, but for these two, they were so relaxed. When it got to their turn, before the time lapses, they all finished their task without stress such that the commandant was baffled.

Dear reader, life can only be complicated if you travel with no manual or u decide to neglect it at one point in your life.

Proper knowledge acquisition is all you need to help avoid pitfalls that delays or diverts one’s destination.





People make conclusion about who they will be, how they will look and where they will be base on beliefs, active or passive experiences, values, family background, religion, environment and personality.These are the factors that has brought you here thus far.

It is a common saying that ” life is not fair“, but to some few people, that saying is an irony. Why the disparity? This is due to the route each decide to journey through in the course of life.

However, most people having found themselves in the vast ocean of humanity,forgets that there are many route to journey through but only few are the right route with no scar-leaving hurdles to jump.

How do some get the right route?

To be continued.



I wonder if I ever need counselling? And if I do, must I seek counsel from a professional counsellor or I should just approach an experienced person to counsel me?

What is really so special about meeting a professional counsellor?

This illustration will help answer this puzzles. As important as it is to go to doctors for a medical check up or treatment and not indulge in self-medication or ask for prescription from a person who probably had suffered same ailment, so it is to seek counsel from a counsellor.

The earlier counsel and guidance is sought about issues of life,the earlier and wholesome you will arrive at your desired destination.

Now,the question is,where and how do I wanna end my journey?

To be continued.


Often times,the mind ponders,especially at a crossroad with multiple direction, ‘should I follow my instinct? Should I gamble round options? Should I wait till forever? Should I seek for help? Here we go. If ¬†you will retrospect about some steps you have taken in the past and remembering the results,which of the above steps you took best paid off?

Dear reader,the objective of this site isn’t far fetched,its basically to help learn a healthy and better way to hover through life’s journey through help- seeking,otherwise called Counselling.I get it right there, a little jerking back, here they go again, what good has it(counselling) done overtime?Remember,a “being” devoid of constant knowledge and guidance is on a verge of dormancy.I promise this page will do a lot of good to you via the posts and contributions. Your questions, contributions and suggestions will be appreciated.

I am so excited posting my first article.Dream coming through. My sincere appreciation goes to my crew,for their support and guidance.